Project: St. James Episcopal Church Bedford Pennsylvania

Dates of Construction: 2013 - 2014



Project Description:


Work on St. James Episcopal Church focused on the deteriorated stone bellcote. Stone and mortar had severely deteriorated to the point near inevitable collapse. WCI tested stone and mortar to provide a historically correct setting and pointing mortar with the correct compressive strength to match the soft stone. The bellcote tower was carefully dismantled and rebuilt with an interior steel system to provide stabilization. WCI worked with an engineer to devise a plan that would provide a practical solution that remained within the Secretary’s Standards for Historic Preservation. A minimal amount of stones that had severely deteriorated were replaced with the matching local stone used to construct the original church. WCI provided the scaffolding and other access and kept the work area heated to allow the project to be completed despite cooler fall temperatures. I new bell support system was also installed.



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