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Project: Fort Jefferson Stabilization - Dry Tortugas, Homestead Florida

Dates of Construction 2005 - 2007



Project Description:


The work involved in this project included complete repointing and brick restoration of 17 crumbling embrasures. Cast glass fiber reinforced concrete replica armor blocks and shutters were painstakingly replicated, fabricated and installed in each rebuilt and stabilized embrasure. Planning and preparation for this project took over a year and involved the construction of a base camp, reverse osmosis water filtering system, self sufficient electricity, plumbing, cooling and shelter. Equipment, supplies and provisions were accessible only by boat or seaplane so project management was imperative. Scaffolding had to be floated on decks built to support them in the moat below the walls. Monitoring weather and hurricane reports, communication by SAT phone and emergency mobilization plans were crucial to the success of this endeavor.


A great deal of time was dedicated to planning, choosing proper materials and designing mockups. Waters Craftsmen donated close to six months of time, free of charge, in order to design and refine an accurate mock up for the fabrication of the cast GFRC shutter and armor block system. Months of planning were also required to completely design and fabricate a self sufficient base camp for our masons that could withstand hurricane force winds. The camp included a large solar panel array, a reverse osmosis fresh water system, two Micro-co generators that ran on 100% Bio-Diesel, living quarters for up to eight men, a full kitchen, living area and a bathroom equipped with multiple shower stalls and composting toilets.



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