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Project: Meridian Hill Park, Phase 2 - Washington, DC

Dates of Construction: 2011 - 2012



Project Description:


This project included restoration of historic exposed aggregate concrete on walls, piers, sidewalks and decorative features created by John Earley in the early 1900’s. This work included extensive field and discovery work to create matching design mixes to replicate the numerous varying historic exposed aggregate surfaces in the park. Sifting of rock and sand to produce the desired gradation along with extensive amounts of staging and transporting of materials were a daily occurrence. Many of the elements to be matched were decorative, delicate and intricate requiring skill in form making and adapting to

varying conditions to produce the desired results. Additional tasks included restoration of historic iron fence, landscaping and electrical features. WCI coordinated all contractors and tasks simultaneously onsite while, at the same time, orchestrating the

offsite work to carefully sift, measure and deliver the various aggregates and other materials required to consistently match the historic exposed aggregate at the park. WCI also coordinated with multiple quarries to research and locate matching aggregates and with Bob Armbruster, who had extensive knowledge of John Earley’s work.



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