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Richmond Virginia

Dates of Construction: 2006 - 2008


Restoration of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart began with a 3 year, 9 phase exterior restoration of the historic limestone. This included vast repointing work, limestone patching and repair using specially designed Restoration Mortar. Huge limestone keystones centered above the precious rose windows and doorways had slipped from their original positions at the arch peaks and required reseting and stabilization. 


Prior to any masonry repair, the stone had to be cleaned using a micro-abrasive (JOS) cleaning system. This system was particularly effective...


Bedford, Pennsylvania

Dates of Construction: 2013 - 2014


Work on St. James Episcopal Church focused on the deteriorated stone bellcote. Stone and mortar had severely deteriorated to the point near inevitable collapse. WCI tested stone and mortar to provide a historically correct setting and pointing mortar with the correct compressive strength to match the soft stone. The bellcote tower was carefully dismantled and rebuilt with an interior steel system to provide stabilization. WCI worked with an engineer to devise a plan that would provide a practical solution that remained within the Secretary’s Standards for Historic Preservation. A minimal amount of stones that had severely deteriorated were replaced with...


Dry Tortugas, Homestead Florida

Dates of Construction: 2005 - 2007


The work involved in this project included complete repointing and brick restoration of 17 crumbling embrasures. Cast glass fiber reinforced concrete replica armor blocks and shutters were painstakingly replicated, fabricated and installed in each rebuilt and stabilized embrasure. Planning and preparation for this project took over a year and involved the construction of a base camp, reverse osmosis water filtering system, self sufficient electricity, plumbing, cooling and shelter. Equipment, supplies and provisions were accessible only by boat or seaplane so project management was imperative. Scaffolding had to be floated on decks...



Richmond, Virginia

Dates of Construction: 2003 - 2004


This extensive restoration project required removal of the failing stucco coating on the historic church. The exterior was taken down to bare brick and all facades were prepared and coated in a lime based mineral stucco. This breathable sacrificial coating allows moisture to escape without harming the historic brick and follows the Secretary’s Standards for Historic Preservation.






Project: Restoration and Stabilization of the Castillo De San Marcos St. Augustine, Florida

Dates of Construction: 2001 - 2002


This work included precise project management, exterior masonry repair, cutting and installation of coquina stone, related scaffolding, removal and disposal of defective and asbestos containing materials, temporary road installation, crane and rigging, careful removal and reinstallation of priceless artifacts, extensive concrete installation, concrete demolition and maintaining a continuous moisture protection system for the historic preservation and restoration of the Castillo De San Marcos National Monument.


At the Castillo de San Marco project, we were required to remove the curb and sidewalk, build a 400 yard road...



Project: Meridian Hill Park, Phase 2 - Washington, DC

Dates of Construction: 2011 - 2012


This project included restoration of historic exposed aggregate concrete on walls, piers, sidewalks and decorative features created by John Earley in the early 1900’s. This work included extensive field and discovery work to create matching design mixes to replicate the numerous varying historic exposed aggregate surfaces in the park. Sifting of rock and sand to produce the desired gradation along with extensive amounts of staging and transporting of materials were a daily occurrence. Many of the elements to be matched were decorative, delicate and intricate requiring skill in form making...



Dates of Construction: 1996 - 1998


This project included extensive granite and limestone repair, repointing, patching and reseting. Concrete demolition and installation work was also performed during this

project. Selective concrete demolition was performed on the massive chapel dome

while new side walk sections and curbs were formed and poured around the Admirals

residence. The elaborate decorative stone cornice in the upper drum was extensively

repaired and patched using Jahn Restoration Mortar. Several replica castings and

freezes were fabricated and set in place, one of which was located in the tomb of John

Paul Jones....

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